Welcome to the website of the Hotel Albatros!

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting our website and I sincerely hope that this contact will lead to more than a mere online communication. It is for this reason that I would be grateful for the opportunity to describe the beautiful stay that awaits you here, at the Hotel Albatros in Letojanni.

Ours is a modern hotel of recent construction, where particular attention has been paid to style and elegance. The furniture and fittings are constantly upgraded every year in order to guarantee our guests the utmost comfort.

One of the strongest features, and one about which we are truly proud, is the special position in which we are located. As you can see from the photographs and video gallery, we are just a matter of yards from the sea and only a few minutes away from Taormina. This explains why Letojanni, together with Mazzeo and Mazzarrò, are referred to as “Taormina Mare” (Taormina’s Sea) and this is not just a turn of phrase, because Letojanni, along with the other two locations, is actually Taormina’s only outlet to the sea.

A perfect holiday…

Thanks to these features Letojanni is the perfect location for anyone looking for a peaceful holiday, somewhere to relax and satisfy the need to get away from the stresses and strains of daily life.

It is however also possible to live the hustle and bustle and varied delights of a place that is naturally geared-up for welcoming even the most demanding and active of tourists.

So it is perfectly possible to: unwind in our fully equipped lido, that guarantees days full of relaxation; travel to dramatic locations such as the volcano on Mt. Etna or the Alcantara Gorges; follow the ancient ‘trazzere’ (ancient pathways); discover an artistic, archaeological, historical and natural heritage that is of the highest level and found all across Sicily; and in the evening visit centres of entertainment that are amongst some of the most vibrant in Southern Italy and only a short distance from us.

And that’s not all…

There will be opportunities to take part in local traditions that will touch even the deepest of your sensory and intellectual senses. Amongst the most highly regarded of these is the ancient creative passion for the culinary arts. Sicilian cuisine, in fact, represents one of the most celebrated examples of Mediterranean cooking and is therefore renowned the world over.

Furthermore, our island is particularly active in the world of folklore, music and religious festivals. These are all occasions that date back to a past so richly influenced by many diverse peoples and cultures.

Such an enormous variety of customs, costumes and places, like those found in beautiful Sicily, will guarantee a uniquely unforgettable experience.

So why not contact us now?

Our mission is to guarantee an excellent balance of everything that one looks for in the perfect holiday and it will give us great pleasure to make this possible in an active, discrete and professional manner.

There is a dream waiting for you, right here by the sea. It is a dream of a totally relaxing holiday with everything you need.

The Hotel Albatross in Letojanni is all of this and so much more!

My Sincerest Best Wishes,

The Reception Manager, Hotel Albatros