- Use of natural gas for the production of electricity

- Zero impact domestic hot water - no non-renewable energy source is used for the production of domestic hot water which, instead, is produced through the heat exchange through the air conditioning and primary air ducts

- High energy efficiency, since all illumination is done by LED lamps that turn on authomatically only when there are people in the surroundings and all electronic equipments used have high electrical efficiency

- A brandly new system controlled by domotic automation is able to check constantly quality, humidity and temperature of the air in common areas in order to regulate the

- Air conditioning system, avoiding energy waste and giving to clients always a good ambient air quality

- Plastic free policy: there is almost no production of plastic waste (no plastic bottles, no plastic glass, only refllable courtesy line, from next season yogurt, honey and jam won't be served in plastic packaging anymore)

- Our towels and sheets are made by biological (organic)* cotton
*(this is the ecological alternative to traditional cotton. Organic cotton is grown according to strict standards and regulations: organic farmers are not allowed to use pesticides, chemicals, but the can only adopt methods and materials that have a positive impact on the environment, with production systems that keep fertile the soil, prohibiting the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMO cultivation systems. Organic cotton aims not only to preserve the health of the soil where the cotton is grown, but it also sustains social justice and respect for the people involved in the various processes of production and it cares about the sustainability of the planet for the generations to come).

- Use of mile 0 ingredients for almost our recepies at the restaurant (only local and fresh vegetable, only local meet and fish, only sicilian pasta, only sicilian wine are used)

- Painting of fornitures and walls was made only by using water-based paints (Free of solvents, propellants HFCs and VOCs)

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